Dan Bongino Endorses Frank Howard

Dan Bongino, the former secret service agent and 2014 Republican nominee for Congress in Maryland’s 6th district, endorsed Frank Howard in a crowded GOP primary field. Howard’s campaign released Bongino’s endorsement as the primary election approaches April 26.

“If you’re tired of the scheming and backdoor political games by the DC political class, my friend and a strong voice for business, Frank Howard is your choice in the 6th Congressional District,” said Bongino. “Frank is an authentic conservative who is as fed up with the DC political machine as you are. Please vote for conservative businessman Frank Howard on April 26th.”

Bongino defied political expectations nearly two years ago, coming within a couple of thousand votes of defeating incumbent Congressman John Delaney.

“As Dan Bongino is continuing the fight to restore conservative values across the country, I am very grateful that his influence will likewise make a big difference in my Congressional campaign,” said Howard. “Dan’s entire political career is based on shaking up the elite, insider political class that unfortunately is pervasive in both political parties.”