Meet Frank Howard

Frank Howard for Congress


Frank is a principled, common sense leader who has been working to improve our community for years. He understands the challenges we face and knows he can serve you in Congress.

Frank and his wife, Denise, decided to settle in Maryland and have been here since 1987. They have been happily married for 30 years. Frank is a graduate with honors from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. Denise is a graduate of Longwood University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Having survived cancer, Denise has dedicated her life to working with community groups to improve the lives of county residents.

Frank was born in Madrid, Spain and was adopted by a young Airman and his wife who were stationed in Torrejon, AFB located just outside of Madrid. After their tour, the new family returned to the U.S. where his father continued his service in the Air Force. Frank’s family believed in giving him every opportunity and exposing him to all political views. Frank’s parents felt he would be a better man, if given the right foundation, to make his own choices. Thanks to their guidance, Frank is a principled common sense conservative.

As the son of a U.S. Air Force veteran, Frank also felt the need to serve his country and joined the U.S. Air Force. His time as an Airman reinforced the values of duty, honor, and service to country that were instilled in Frank from a very young age.

As a small businessman

As the owner of a business for 18 years, Frank knows what it is like to sign the front of a paycheck, not just sign the back.  He understands that economic recovery will unleash the power of the entrepreneurial spirit and the small business community.

As a community leader

For years, Frank and his wife have been involved with local charities, such as Meals on Wheels. Frank and Denise enjoy interacting with the people in each home they visit. Frank is also involved with the Second Chance Wildlife Center, the largest wildlife rehabilitation facility in Maryland. Frank believes all our responsibility to preserve our environment and to serve his community.