Frank believes in Legal Immigration and is opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants. He feels we must secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.


Energy independence is a must and free markets will work if we allow them to. Research in alternative energy is important, and Frank is an advocate of an all-of-the-above energy strategy. Our energy sector alone could create tens of thousands of new jobs immediately if the government lifted unnecessary burdens and regulations. We have enormous energy resources that could drive economic growth for the next decade.

Economic Growth

We must incentivize capital investment and job creation. Growth and competition in the private sector will expand employment and reinvigorate the economy. We must reform our tax system by reducing taxes on working families, streamline costly regulations forced upon small businesses, and end the chronic budget deficits that threaten our economy and our national security.


Frank supports the full repeal of Obamacare, replacing it with a patient-centered, market-driven plan that puts you in control of your healthcare decisions rather than insurance executives and government bureaucrats. A solutions-based plan such as “The Patients’ Choice Act” would ensure universal, truly affordable healthcare for all Americans.


Despite huge increases in federal funding for public education – over 300% on elementary and secondary education in the last 4 decades – student achievement levels have stagnated, and in many areas declined. These failed policies are endangering our nation’s economic growth and competitiveness in the global marketplace. Top down, one size fits all bureaucratic interventions, such as Common Core and No Child Left Behind, are not working. If we continue on this path, our most valuable resource, our next generation, will grow up without the skills they need to survive and prosper. We need to empower parents, teachers, and local school boards, not federal bureaucrats, to provide the flexibility and creativity to get student academic achievement back on the rise. Altering the funding mechanism by providing “no strings attached” federal dollars in the form of block grants back to the states would empower local jurisdictions to make improvements based on their individual needs.