Reforming Congress – A 10 Point Plan

Reforming Congress – My 10 Point Plan

My 10-point plan will eliminate chaos and dysfunction in Congress. For too long Congress has been missing in action when it comes to addressing both immediate and long-terms challenges facing our country. These measures will increase transparency, control runaway spending and enable our economy to grow.

Moreover, this plan will replace political rhetoric with results by ending mission creep in the federal government, improving health care and ending radical social policies few Americans agree with. Congress must fix itself, and since they won’t, the only choice we have is to elect new candidates who put the country before themselves.

Some campaign “experts” believe a 10-point plan is too hard for people to follow and they won’t pay attention. They are probably correct to a certain extent. However this is an institution with layers and layers of bad habits that developed over many decades. A sound bite won’t fix it. A plan will.

1. Release reports to the public

This is an easy way for Congress to build trust with the public and it could be accomplished in one simple vote. Congressional Research Service reports, which detail waste, fraud and abuse, are only available to members of Congress and their staffs.

2. Communicate priorities

Nobody can say what Congress stands for nor what their priorities are. Members of Congress, especially the majority that holds power, needs to explain what they are doing every day, if anything, to improve the country.

3. Go big with tax reform

Americans are frustrated with our complicated, bloated, expensive tax code. It is holding back the economy, productivity, hiring levels and wage growth. Congress can do something big here.

4. Fix the committee structure

A decade after the 9/11 commission, a key recommendation is still ignored. 92 committees and subcommittees of Congress have oversight over the Department of Homeland Security. Also, Congress must return to regular order, conducting oversight over every line item in spending bills.

5. End mission creep

Do we want the federal government fixing potholes, building sidewalks and paying for museums in local communities? How about common core, which has wreaked havoc in school boards across the country? The federal government should focus on doing a few things well, not a lot of things poorly that the country can’t afford anyway.

6. Get control of entitlement spending

Let’s get control of entitlement spending – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – before it controls us. Congress must set long-term budgets for these programs before they bankrupt the country.

7. Apply free-market principles to health care

Even before Obamacare, health care delivery was an over – regulated mess. With Obamacare, health care is an unmitigated disaster. Let the free market work with a basic safety net for those who truly need it.

8. Limit bills to one subject

2000 page bills are the norm in Congress. Nobody knows what’s in them and the consequences are numerous: for starters, a federal criminal code nobody can understand and the unleashing of federal agencies to interpret laws however they want.

9. Restrict federal funding of radical social policies

For decades, an amendment to restrict federal funding of abortions has been attached to spending bills. Let the Democrats argue for more abortions and let Republicans enact permanent law that the vast majority of Americans agree on.

10. End gerrymandering

The corrupt practice of gerrymandering has made Maryland the most gerrymandered state in the nation. This nasty partisan political process started in Annapolis and needs to end in Annapolis.